In early 2010, the sonic whirlwind known as THE EXCITEMENTS emerged in Barcelona, Spain, delivering its Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and Soul cocktail, old school style, and astounding audiences over their country and, shortly after, Europe. It is formed by the explosive lead vocals and dance moves of Koko-Jean Davis; the scorching 6 strings of Lalo Lopez on lead guitar and Adrià Gual on rhythm guitar; the thundering rhythm section driven by Marc Benaiges (drums) and Daniel Segura (bass); and last but not least, the soulful sounds of Nico Rodríguez Jauregui on baritone sax and Marc Lloreton alto sax.

Etta James, Ike and Tina Turner, early James Brown or Sugar Pie de Santo are some of the names that’ll give you a hint about The Excitements’ sound, always loyal to the US R&B and Soul tradition.