Hard to say if the boys and girl in HERPES haven’t made their lives just one bit more difficult by choosing the name of that very nasty infectious disease as their bandname. But, being from Berlin they couldn’t really give a hoot about any kind of marketing or commercial-minded arguments/objections of any kind from anyone. And so: Herpes it is! After a first tour of Europe (France, Sweden, Germany etc. etc.) before they even had a record out and the subsequent release of club hit “Fette Muttis”, Herpes are back with their first full-length release for Hamburg based indie label Tapete Records. “Das kommt vom Küssen” (translates roughly to: what you get from kissing) is punkrock with a very artschool twist, rather than the beerdrinking, riffrocking, fistfighting variety found too often in European clubs these days. Devo and Plastic Bertrand are just some likeminded artists that come to mind here. Even before their first release Herpes was invited to London/England to play the almost painfully hip Playground club. A knightly accolade for any continental European band for sure!

So, it gives us great, great pleasure to give you Herpes!