The Banditos sound is a explosive mixture of Sixties Beat, Surf, Twang, Rock’n’Roll, Garage, Trash, Easy Listening and Blacksploitation, Love, Sex & Crime, mixed with futuristic sounds for the 21st century. Senore Professore Doctore Comodore Rodriguez Flamingo(Mexico-city), Mr 2004 Volt (Rumänien), Jiri “Atomic“ Buschnik (Czech), Django „Boogiebastard“ Silbermann (Germany) and as a permanent guestmusician, Senor Carlo Vivary (Cuba), bring this testament of Rock ´n Roll in perfektion on stage. Romania is the kitchen, Mexico the livingroom, Germany the restroom, America the refrigerator. The whole universe is their Bedroom.

Cosmopolitic armed like that they roam over the stages of europe and leave a redeemerlike trace of blissful exhaustion. Over 600 concerts decorate the triumphal arch in the diary of the band. From Warsaw to Madrid, from Bergen to Naples people listen to the devotion of this combo in every extra- and ordinary situation. A further Message is not necessary. You just want to say: “You have to see this!”